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Blago Group products will appear in Guinea
At the end of December, Blago Group for the first time sent its products to the Republic of Guinea, Africa. The first delivery of oil under the brand " Zolotoy Kuvshin" will include 26 thousand liters of packaged oil in bottles of 1 and 5 liters. The products were produced at the Armavir Oil Pressing Factory. The shipment of the container with the products was carried out through the port of Novorossiysk. The cargo will arrive in Guinea, at the port of Conakry in early February. Guinea became the 29th country where Blago Group exported its products in 2021. A little earlier, in middle of December, for the purpose to develop exports to the African continent, representatives of the company took part in the Food Africa 2021 exhibition held in Cairo. The negotiations held, as well as new opportunities that have emerged with the development of multimodal shipments from Blago Group factories, give every reason to believe that in 2022 the share of export sales of the company will continue to grow.

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