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Sunflower oil is a vegetable oil produced from sunflower seeds; it is one of the most important vegetable oils and is of significant domestic importance for direct consumption as food, for food production and for industrial processing.


Blago Group's sunflower oil complies with requirements of GOST 1129—2013 “Sunflower oil. Technical specifications” as well as requirements of Technical Regulations of the Customs Union and internal standards.

The Blago Group factories sell refined deodorized frozen vegetable oils of the highest and the first grades, as well as refined and unrefined oils, oils for industrial processing, packed in consumer containers and in bulk.

Unrefined sunflower oil

This oil has a unique rich flavor and the taste of sunflower seeds. It is rich in vitamin E, and may be used for further industrial processing.

Winterized refined deodorized sunflower oil

Transparent light-yellow color, and odorless. It is used for foodstuffs production and directly for nutrition. It is rich in vitamin Е.

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Other bulk oils
Canola oil

This oil is characterized as having a pale golden color and neutral taste. It contains vitamins E and K, as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6. It is used for further industrial processing, including the production of baby food products.

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